Free Span Correction Grout bags

OPEC products are made to suit all pipelines diameters.

They come in different heights and sizes, The products are produced so that the underneath of the pipeline will sit on the top of the products

Can be manufactured to suit different sea bed conditions.

The larger base of the products, makes it more stable on the seabed.

OPEC products can be installed by Diver.


Our bags are made by woven polyester fabric with reinforced bottom to prevent abrasion from the soil.Vents and Injection points are carefully positioned to easy filling. Center line is marked to help diver operator to position the bag.

Filling Material
Grouting mixture has to be made from Sulfate Resisting neat
cement with ratio C/W up to1 :0.5.

Soil bearing capacity
The bags can be utilized in soil condition ranging from 5 kPa to
50 kPa un-drained shear strength (Cu)