Concrete / Bitumen Mattresses

OPEC produces a wide range of concrete and bitumen based mattresses , ranging in size , weight and shape to suit the clients’ needs. These mattresses are produced for the protection, stabilization, anchoring and support of pipelines, underwater cables, crossings, and any underwater construction.

Concrete mattresses are casted in several dimensions and densities to reach the requested target  (S.G. 2.4 to 3.6). When required, this standard constituent is complimented by heavy aggregates to reach a S.G. of 3.6. Full installation frames and manuals are provided for every project. Mattresses are manufactured under the supervision of OPEC personnel and engineers to ensure the proper QA/QC regulations are applied.

Each mattress is provided with polypropylene UV lifting loops to match with OPEC installation frame. OPEC mattresses can be shipped to any destination required by client reducing transport and logistics costs.