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OPEC, a subsidiary of Hamza Brothers, was established in year 2000 and is headquartered in Egypt with offices in Port Said and Cairo.

OPEC specializes in freespan correction and grouting services and we manufacture our own dura/grout bags with grouting personnel and equipment available for offshore grouting activities.

In its 5000 m 2 fabrication yard located in Port Said, OPEC also specializes in the design and production of items used for the protection and stabilization of sea lines and cables such as concrete and bitumen mattresses, sleepers, bridges and covers.


In order to continue this performance, OPEC has established a quality system conforming to the requirements of international standard organization (ISO 9001/2015), beside keeping abreast to the latest training programs and providing the appropriate atmosphere for work and workers.

OPEC is certified ISO 9001–2015 and all our products are tested and certified at our own facilities and every aspect of the production is closely watched and monitored. All the concrete produced by OPEC will be provided with Company Manufacturing Quality Certificate upon delivery to guarantee that each item is produced under the supervision and the quality documented.

OPEC Quality Policy


We are specialized in underwater protection, we manufacture concrete products that help in the protection and stabilization of underwater structures. OPEC is committed to the continuous improvement of our management system and products. We follow the following strategies to ensure our quality standards are maintained:

  • Continuously developing and maintaining our Quality Management System.
  • Commitment in maintaining consistent quality in certification and testing activities to meet the requirements of national and international standards.
  • Comply with international industry standards
  • The quest of quality and improvement is an on-going process at OPEC.
  • Ensure that employees are well trained and aware of their independent roles.

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